Miscellaneous Supplies

PET ODOR EXTERMINATOR CANDLES: This enzyme formulated candle attacks and removes pet odors when burning. Great for all household pet odors. Comes in a wide variety of scents.

PILL PALS: Wraps to hide medicines for your pet.

HAIRBALL REMEDIES: Cat laxative for relief of hairball symptoms.

SHAMPOOS: We offer a wide variety of pet shampoos and conditioners. Aloe oatmeal, waterless shampoo, and prescription shampoos that may be recommended by the veternarian.

PUPPY/KITTEN SUPPLIES: Puppy and Kitten formulas, pet nursers.

PET VITAMINS: PET TABS, PET CAL, LIQUI TINIC, CANINE PLUS (Beef flavor), WELACTIN 3 FELINE and Supplical are some of the widely suggested and used vitamins.

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  • "I love Healthy Petz Veterinary Clinic. They have been treating our pets for years and they were so nice to me last week when I took flyers for my two missing cats. I like everyone who works at Healthy Petz."
    Nelson W.
  • "I wanted to let everyone kno that this vet took care of three of our baby's n they did a wonderful job wit our baby's.. I want to thank em for everything they did for em,..."
    Rhonda E.

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