We recommend all dogs and cats be spayed or neutered.

We suggest surgery at 5 or 6 months of age, before the 1st heat cycle.

The Burke County Animal Shelter has been destroying up to 4000 animals per year from dogs and cats having unclaimed puppies and kittens. 

By neutering males you help to control aggression, roaming and fighting, testicular cancers. With spaying females you will see a decrease the risk of infections in the uterus, and mammary cancer rates in your older female dogs and cats.


Have you found a mass, lump, or bump on your cat or dog?  Masses can be fluid filled, or solid with either benign cells (non cancerous) or metastatic cancer (spreading kind).  All masses should be noted by the owner and doctor and observed for change of size, color, and speed of growth. To diagnose for cancer some or all of the cells need to be removed and analyzed.  If cancer is detected, options are surgical removal or referral to a specialist for chemo therapy or radiation treatment.

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  • "I love Healthy Petz Veterinary Clinic. They have been treating our pets for years and they were so nice to me last week when I took flyers for my two missing cats. I like everyone who works at Healthy Petz."
    Nelson W.
  • "I wanted to let everyone kno that this vet took care of three of our baby's n they did a wonderful job wit our baby's.. I want to thank em for everything they did for em,..."
    Rhonda E.

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